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Feasibility Study Techno-economic assessment Study the impact of construction on the environment Production of documentation for planning, building permits, respectively. construction notification Preparation of documents for tender for suppliers Preparation of documents for implementation of project Construction Engineering Management Ensuring proper implementation of the project Commissioning and verification of design parameters Technical supervision Designer's supervision

Development of design documentation

Treatment for all stages of project documentation in accordance with the Building Act for building, and technological parts of buildings. Project documentation for zoning Project documentation for building permit Project documentation for supplier selection Project documentation for construction Project documentation of the actual construction Provision of engineering services Ensuring the author's supervision Construction Engineering Management Within the investment management of construction will be carried out the following activities:

Engineering services for building permits, respectively. construction notification

Engineering services for building permit will be carried out on the basis of the closed power of attorney to represent the client in negotiations with government authorities and other participants in the construction and approval process. Engineering activities to ensure approval of buildings and any operating permit Engineering activities to ensure acceptance will be made on the basis of the closed power of attorney to represent the client in negotiations with government authorities and other stakeholders approbation and approval process. In this activity, ensure all documents are to be submitted to final building approval construction management, especially PD actual construction, inspection reports electrical, heating, pressure testing installations, individual certificates used building materials and technology units, etc.

Organization of tenders for the construction contractor and utilities

Organization of competitions will be conducted in conjunction with the client to make every effort to ensure the best possible position of the client. Part of the preparation of tenders will build the inquiry document and particularly thorough analysis of the requirements for the target solution and determining the selection criteria.

Control, consulting and advisory services in capital construction

Responsible benefit assessment submitted bids in tenders for the construction contractor and entered into contractual relations with the suppliers. Analysis of the detailed design and documentation of actual construction, preparation of documents for consultation and assessment of potential risks of the project. Technical and construction supervision of the investor - TDI Representing the investor during construction on the site. Planning, organizing and conducting inspection days of construction. Checking the execution, monitoring and assessment and the amount of work performed, check billing. Ensuring the implementation of the necessary documents, and keep track of such changes. Consistent demanding conditions of contractual relationships with construction contractors and unconditional compliance with safety rules. Control and coordination of continuity and completeness when creating the project documentation in relation to the processing of documentation for building permit and tender documentation, the supplier of the design documentation.

Designer's supervision

In accordance with the Building Act to ensure the exercise of activity in the Construction - check compliance of project documentation, discussion and approval of design modifications of any changes in the project, participation of the designer to control days and visits the construction. OSH performance activities coordinator on site The activity coordinator will ensure the person responsible under the Act 309/2006 Coll., As amended. In accordance with this Act Plan will be produced and subsequently OHS construction will be carried out by a person in supervisory controls the execution of construction and technological work.

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K FAKTOR s.r.o. - zkušební laboratoř měření fyzikálních faktorů (ZLMFF) provádí odborné služby na základě vydaného osvědčení o akreditaci č. 317/2018 ze dne 14.6.2018.

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