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For our customers (which include both industrial companies and municipalities, cities, regions and their branches) offer energy services, whose main feature is to maximize energy effect while minimizing costs and minimize negative impacts on the environment.

Energy-saving projects

Energy balance of the current state Finding and design of energy-saving measures Proposal for alternative solutions and implementation of energy saving measures Assess the technical feasibility and economic evaluation of the effectiveness of individual variants Choice economically and technically justified variants Development of a risk analysis of energy-saving measures and their variants Selecting the most suitable option

Expertise and professional studies

Energy audit

We offer an energy audit in accordance with the requirements of the Act no. 406/2000 Coll. as amended, and the methodology established by Decree no. 213/2001 Coll., respectively. Decree no. 425/2004 Coll., as amended. Building energy performance certificates We offer processing of building energy performance certificates in accordance with the requirements and methodology established by Decree no. 148/2007 Coll., As amended. Checking boiler efficiency We process checks the efficiency of boilers in accordance with Decree no. 276/2007 Coll., The owner and operator of a heat source designed for heating with output above 20 kW. We process both regular and one-off controls. Regular checks which are carried out: 1x every 2 years for boilers burning coal and liquid fuels for power from 20 kW to 200 kW inclusive, 1 in 4 years for natural gas-fired boilers with an output of 20 kW to 200 kW inclusive, for boilers above 200 kW accordance with Decree no. 150/2000 Coll., as amended. One-off control One-time inspection of boiler efficiency is performed on the dimension of power above 20 kW over 15 years. Inspection of air conditioning systems We offer processing inspection of air conditioning systems in accordance with the requirements and methodology according to Decree 277/2007 Coll. According to this Decree, the controls apply to owners or operators of air conditioning systems with rated cooling output greater than 12 kW.

Feasibility Study

We do feasibility study to assess the investment plan investors (customers) energy-saving projects. The study evaluates the technical feasibility and economic efficiency of projects. The study is the specification and assessment of project risks. Draft energy management of an industrial enterprise It consists in the introduction of such systems power consumption for both manufacturing and service processes taking place in industry, with the aim of achieving the maximum efficiency of energy consumption and consequently reduce the cost of their acquisition.

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K FAKTOR s.r.o. - zkušební laboratoř měření fyzikálních faktorů (ZLMFF) provádí odborné služby na základě vydaného osvědčení o akreditaci č. 317/2018 ze dne 14.6.2018.

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