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Our corporate fleet of OPEL cars, which is lovingly cared for by AUTOTIP servis s.r.o., is ready to deliver our measuring equipment safely to you in order to fulfill your orders day and night.


measuring the intensity of artificial light measurement noise in the working environment measurement noise in the living environment measurement of vibration in the working environment measurement of dust in the working environment metrology categorization work Services related to the preparation work categorization professional consultation Calculations of daylight and artificial lighting noise studies Services associated with mandatory laws and regulations applicable in the area of occupational safety and health (OSH) Services in the field of fire protection (hereinafter referred to as PO)


energy-saving projects energy audits certificate of energy performance of the building check the efficiency of boilers inspection of air conditioning systems feasibility study draft energy management of an industrial enterprise


preparation of project documentation engineering services for building permits, respectively. notification of construction, ensuring acceptance and any authorizations organization of tenders for the construction contractor and utilities engineering construction management, technical and construction supervision monitoring, consulting and advisory services in capital construction where to find us advisory and consultation reference
K FACTOR Ltd. - Testing laboratory measurements of physical factors (ZLMFF) performs professional services based on the issued certificate of accreditation no. 267/2011 of 12 July 2011.

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K FAKTOR s.r.o. - zkušební laboratoř měření fyzikálních faktorů (ZLMFF) provádí odborné služby na základě vydaného osvědčení o akreditaci č. 317/2018 ze dne 14.6.2018.

Acredetation (PDF)