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Metrology - these services are temporarily suspended


K FACTOR Ltd. We offer calibration to working pressure gauges, temperature, weight and calibration of measuring chains. Our standards used are traceable to national standards according to the Metrology Act no. 505/1990 Coll. as amended.


 1.Calibration of platinum resistance temperature sensors and thermocouples, bimetallic, pressure and glass thermometer with a measuring range from - 10 ° C to 550 ° C
2. Calibration of pressure gauges, manometers, pressure controllers, pressure sensors and pressure difference with unified power output and measuring range from - 85 kPa to 20 MPa
3. Pointing calibration and registration gauges and transmitters of electric indicative of uniform variables
4. Calibration weights III. and IV. accuracy class
5. We also offer calibration of the measuring chain aforementioned devices directly to the customer in operating conditions


1. Adjustment, adjustment and repair of pressure gauges, pressure controllers and pressure sensors.
2. Adjustment, adjustment and calibration of temperature sensors.
3. Adjustment, adjustment and repair of power. pointing and recording equipment.
4. Adjustment, adjustment and repair of scales III. and IV. accuracy class.

Consulting, accounting and service activities

1. Advisory and consultancy in the field of metrology
2. Database management gauges, marking gauges
3. Ensuring calibration or verification of any device from our partners

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K FAKTOR s.r.o. - zkušební laboratoř měření fyzikálních faktorů (ZLMFF) provádí odborné služby na základě vydaného osvědčení o akreditaci č. 317/2018 ze dne 14.6.2018.

Acredetation (PDF)